Netcompany Ambition

Netcompany's ambition is to become a market leader within IT services in Europe by 2030. To succeed, Netcompany focus on the following main pillars:

Land and expand in Europe

Netcompany will focus on expanding market share and enter new countries in Europe, either by larger acquisitions where scale is instantly achieved based on existing products and customers or through organic build up based on specific new customer wins that will yield significant projects at establishment in a given new country.

At the same time Netcompany will continue to focus on attracting the best talent, educating them rigorously, ensuring quality “side by side” training with more experienced colleagues and optimising sourcing of talent throughout the Group.

Utilise platforms and products

A key part of the Netcompany delivery model is to use common tools and methodologies for developing and documenting new solutions, which have secured a wide portfolio of platforms that are possible to utilise across different sectors.

Netcompany will be able to present flexible, well proven and relevant solutions that comes with pre-defined logic and capabilities, which will significantly reduce time to market, and in turn reduce customers total cost of ownership. Netcompany firmly believe this to be a differentiating factor yielding a real and tangible advantage when competing for new projects in both public and private segment.

Export and implement our business model

The way Netcompany operates, develops and implements complex solutions is unique and difficult to emulate – if at all possible. The Netcompany methodology is implemented throughout a large part of the Group and in larger acquisitions the methodology will be applied on new joint projects won between Netcompany and the acquired company, thereby gradually transitioning the methodology to that of Netcompany.

Establishment into smaller markets will be greenfield whereas transformational acquisitions are only expected if they add products/platforms and customers that will accelerate growth in both the new and existing larger markets.

In special cases, smaller “bolt-on” acquisitions, based on getting access to specific products and technologies, in existing markets, could be relevant.