Serving happy citizens


Serving happy citizens

In Gentofte municipality, work processes and problem solving are very efficient as employees have one common digital platform supporting their collaboration. Also, the platform ensures happy citizens with some of the best digital services in Denmark.

One common digital platform secures efficient internal collaboration and the best digital services to citizens.

Netcompany has worked closely with Gentofte municipality for several years creating and improving one common digital platform. This platform enables collaboration among employees for effectice problem solving and efficient work processes. Also, the platform secures happy citizens with some of the best digital services in the country.

The platform has been extended to include a Business Intelligence Centre where business information is presented and further developed by managers and other stakeholders specialized in processes such as Anti Money Laundry and A-IRB.

Getorganized enables the local authority of gentofte to ensure efficient collaboration across all fields of responsibility.


  • Supported collaboration across all fields of responsibility
  • Open and transparent communication applied across casework through to individualized citizen service
  • User-friendly and relevant citizen services
  • Enabling the local authority to consolidate new fields of responsibility and applications

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