The coding
chronicle: Mateusz’s story

»Figure out your plan, express it confidently, and stay committed to it«

Mateusz Tomala

Senior Consultant

Mateusz’s programming journey began when he was 13, immersed in the world of role-playing computer games (RPGs). The more he played, the more his desire grew to understand and “talk to” computers. Mateusz learned his first programming language all on his own, reading a series of basic text documents from a CD he borrowed. The days of his slow dial-up internet connections that would screech and squeak are now far behind him. Mateusz has overcome many obstacles to become a senior consultant at Netcompany, showing his true dedication and mastery of skills.

As a young boy, Mateusz found a lot of joy in learning the basics of coding. He remembers the feeling of triumph when he could finally communicate with the computer, not just play games. This new ability was something he enjoyed a lot, so he started dedicating more time to learning how to program.

Soon after, Mateusz created his first webpage. However, there were two big challenges he had to face. One was the memory limitation and the other was the incredibly slow and unstable internet connection. “I spent the whole night uploading 100 kilobytes of data. Back then, that was a really big transfer. I prayed that no one would call because that would tear the connection and break the upload process.”

From game sessions to team tasks

Years have passed, and Mateusz’s enthusiasm for RPG games still remains strong. In fact, Mateusz learned about Netcompany through a fellow RPG gamer back in 2019. The idea of a software developer dedicating six years to the same company piqued his interest and he decided to find out more about it. “I got hired as a consultant and right after I joined Netcompany, I signed up for the RPG After Dark Club. Nowadays, I’m also the chairman of the Poker Club.”

In the professional realm, Mateusz now has more leadership tasks. Although coding has taken a backseat in his current role, he sees his responsibilities as something similar. “It’s a continuous process of handling procedures and working with algorithms — only now they come down to impacting the project, the team, and the people.”

"When I remove all the unknown values from people’s mindsets and know the value of each variable, I can plan our work better."

Mateusz Tomala

Cracking the code to better connections

Mateusz believes that every person has a unique algorithm. Almost like a key, that allows him to unlock and understand them better. That is why he always aims to be attentive and to listen, to get to know each individual’s thought process and communication style. “I see it as my challenge to figure that out. It’s like a secret code that helps us make our teams stronger. When I remove all the unknown values from people’s mindsets and know the value of each variable, I can plan our work better.”

The planning strategy

Mateusz starts every day with a clear plan in mind. Not only does he map out activities for the day, but he extends his planning to upcoming months and even years. Mateusz explains that having a plan brings him a sense of ease and helps him make choices more confidently. “You’re the one making the choices… You just need to follow that path to reach your goals. If you don’t, you might find yourself following someone else’s plans. So, it’s good to figure out your own plan, express it confidently, and stay committed to it.”