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ERMIS is a dedicated, self-contained, reusable, and integrated family of customs solutions, with continuously evolving capabilities designed to be the Customs Operations Management System of choice for Customs Administrations.

Globalisation has increased connectivity and open collaboration between countries. As a result, the role of Customs has shifted from mere revenue collection to trade facilitation and more recently, safety and security orientation. Inevitably, this brought up rapid changes of the business and IT environments which in turn raised new challenges: high volumes of international trade, new business models, increasing fraud patterns and security threats.

ERMIS comes to effectively address those challenges, and go far beyond, empowering Customs Agencies to take advantage of the opportunities of this modern ecosystem and be ahead of the curve in facilitating global trade.

ERMIS is robust, reliable, and future proof

Compliant by design

ERMIS adheres to international customs regulations and standardizations, including the World Customs Organisation (WCO), Harmonised System (HS), and the SAFE Framework of Standards, as well as the European Union’s Union Customs Code (UCC) and EUCDM data model. Our team ensures continuous compliance through regular updates and alignment with the EU Multi Annual Strategic Plan.

Highly Configurable

ERMIS offers exceptional customizability and flexibility, covering every Customs Agency’s needs. Its technology stack supports modular UI development, intuitive business rule management, and a stable back-end framework. This allows extensive configuration without affecting core functionality.

Seamless System Integration

ERMIS ensures interoperability with national systems through well-documented APIs and custom adapter components. These adapters facilitate data mapping and message validation, integrating ERMIS efficiently into existing Customs Declaration Management solutions.

Orchestrating Customs Procedures

At the core of ERMIS is its Customs Workflow Management (CWM) component, balancing customs control with trade facilitation. It automates customs declarations and manages compliance for all customs formalities, including Import, Export, Transit, Warehousing, and Excise.

Technologically Advanced and Future-Oriented

ERMIS uses advanced, open-source technology for flexibility and to avoid vendor lock-in. Its modular architecture promotes scalability and easy integration of new processes. Designed for centralized hosting, ERMIS supports both on-premises and cloud infrastructure.

Ensuring Data Integrity and Security

ERMIS prioritizes data integrity and security in handling sensitive customs information. It employs secure-by-design principles, advanced cryptographic techniques, and rigorous data protection measures, including GDPR compliance, to safeguard data against threats.

ERMIS Components

ERMIS process management


ERMIS is an advanced system consisting of shared microservices designed to efficiently manage all aspects of Customs formalities throughout a declaration’s life cycle, including submission, validation, risk assessment, control, and clearance. It integrates shared assets for data interfacing and platform customization. Key functionalities of ERMIS include handling major importation areas (such as Free Circulation, Special Procedures, e-Commerce), facilitating export procedures (including export declarations, Special Procedures, Exit/Indirect Exit), managing Preclearance for Pre-Arrival and Pre-Departure formalities, processing consignments under the Transit regime (compatible with EU NCTS, ASEAN ACTS, and other transit systems), and overseeing the Excise regime for tracking excisable goods. This comprehensive system aids Customs Officers in various tasks, including approval, supervision, and completion of import and export processes, duty assessment, and compliance with regional and national regulations.

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