»It's about making a real impact on the community«

Tony Kennedy is a UK-based manager. Here he underscores his role as local lead in integrating social value into Netcompany’s ethos and operations and positioning Netcompany as a leader in corporate responsibility and sustainability within the tech sector
In July 2023,

Netcompany set a benchmark as the first tech provider to receive the Social Value Quality Mark® Gold accreditation.

Just six months later, on January 10, it was named one of the top five best places to work in the UK by Glassdoor — a testament to the intertwined nature of employee satisfaction and corporate responsibility.

»Talking to quite a few colleagues, I’ve noticed how much they value our commitment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility«, Tony says.

Tony defines social value as the positive changes in people’s lives brought about by organizational or individual actions.






»The social value practice is about seeing more than just the financial benefits a piece of work brings. It encompasses our impact on people, communities, and the environment«

Tony Kennedy


Cultivating Engagement and Empowerment

Netcompany is committed to fostering a culture where team members are active participants in making a difference, not just employees. Tony carries out this commitment as local lead, with local employees’ involvement ranging from volunteering to leading projects that significantly impact both the environment and society, such as inspiring students through workshops or assisting veterans in transitioning to digital careers.

»Our people relish getting involved in local initiatives that benefit the environment and society, making real impacts through volunteering and our linked projects. It’s crucial to create a workplace where support and well-being are central to everything we do. Having our employees’ voices reflected in our reporting is also vital—it demonstrates that our values are genuine and have a tangible impact on real people«, Tony explains.

Tony Kennedy on the Espérance Bridge, close to the King's Cross office.

Expanding Community Impact

Netcompany has developed significant partnerships with educational and charitable organizations to enhance digital skills and promote social mobility.

»For three years, we’ve worked with Growing Talent Digital Leeds, impacting over 10,000 young people by boosting their digital skills and social mobility. Our team members volunteer to conduct workshops and provide career advice. As the headline sponsor of GirlTech, we’ve inspired young women with speeches and career advice on tech vocations. Similarly, through our collaboration with the forces charity, TechVets, we’ve enhanced the lives of veterans and their families by offering digital training«, Tony details.

Netcompany’s work with underrepresented groups also includes engaging with NEETs (people not in education, employment, or training) and collaborating with tech bootcamp providers. Netcompany has recruited seven people into the business from these programs, currently employs two apprentices, and plans to welcome more in 2024.

»We mentor undergraduate students and run a scholarship program for female tech students, all aimed at fostering new talent and making a relevant social impact«, he adds.

Tony also passionately advocates for sustainable practices that ensure today’s solutions do not compromise the well-being of future generations.

»Sustainability for me is about ensuring our actions today don’t rob our kids and their kids of a healthy planet and society«

Tony Kennedy

Sustainability as a Core Value

Netcompany has reduced its carbon footprint through several strategies, such as transitioning to offices with better environmental certifications, partnering with greener power suppliers, and moving closer to team locations. Improved proximity means reduced commuting times, and the introduction of rail season ticket loans and an electric vehicle leasing scheme encourage greener travel. The sustainability approach encompasses the entire group organisation, aligning with the social value impact efforts through comprehensive policies on environmental protection, ethical labour practices to combat modern slavery, and sustainable procurement.

Reflecting on the origins of Netcompany’s commitment to social value, Tony dismisses the notion that it’s merely a response to external pressures or regulations. The accolades the company has received underscore the authenticity of its impact.

»As a company, we respond to regulation, but on our terms, injecting our own perspectives. We strive to be innovative and pioneering in addressing social and environmental issues. That’s why I’m proud to see our efforts bear fruit«, Tony ends.