Netcompany Academy

Netcompany Academy

Never stop learning. We believe that it is fundamental to your success and well-being. And that is why we are proud to offer all Netcompany employees, regardless of their seniority, to take part in our Netcompany Academy.

Through our Netcompany Academy, we offer a diverse range of courses, seminars, and certifications carefully curated to support your individual development. As you advance in your career, the Academy tailors its offerings to enhance your managerial skills, deepen your understanding of methodologies, hone your leadership abilities, and fine-tune your strategic acumen.

As you progress through the content, you’ll naturally take on more responsibility as a manager and network with your peers.

Annually, our Academy offers




Pop-up sessions


Hours of training

"We designed Netcompany Academy to promote growth and learning for everyone across the business; it’s an extensive development programme, available to all and tailored to your individual needs."

André Rogaczewski

CEO & Co-founder

Take control of your career

As an experienced profile, chances are you have some idea of where you want your career to go. With us, you will find the career path that best suits your skills and ambitions together with your dedicated mentor. Every role, and every career path, is described in detail. This way, you know exactly what is expected of you to reach the next level. You’ll have access to our merit-based career development programme, which rewards top performers with accelerated progression all the way to Partner status.

The technologies you will be working on will vary, as it depends on the project and the client, and this variety allows you to develop your technical skills constantly. To support your career journey and help you reach your full potential, you will be aided by your own dedicated mentor. They will be a fellow IT expert from within the business.

Share your knowledge

Sharing knowledge, helping colleagues across teams and locations has always been key to our success. We work in teams and have an open and supportive culture where you can always ask a colleague or manager for help.

Knowledge sharing is easy through our Netcompany Centres of Excellence (CoE). The CoEs are internal knowledge-based communities that cover everything from specific technologies to methodology — e.g. Java, data migration, Oracle, .NET, Episerver, Salesforce, Sharepoint, high quality coding and much more. This means there’s always someone within the business ready to answer your technology questions. It also means you can learn from the best IT people in the industry — no matter your location.