Housing Benefits: Modernising a keystone in the Danish welfare state


Housing Benefits: Modernising a keystone in the Danish welfare state

Netcompany delivered a new platform to handle all housing benefits/loans in Denmark to lower-income citizens living in rented apartments. The platform pays out DKK 14 billion annually and handles 180,000 yearly applications and 16,000 loans.

The primary task of the Danish Labour Market Supplementary Pension Fund (ATP) is to promote basic financial security and contribute to efficient welfare in Danish society. Udbetaling Danmark is the organisation within ATP that is responsible for paying welfare benefits to citizens on behalf of the Danish state.

One of the most significant areas amongst these is housing benefits, which help to ensure lower-income citizens living in rented homes have basic social and economic security, calculated and based on a variety of objectively assessed information about the household and the recipients’ income.

Udbetaling Danmark handles the administration of about 180,000 applications for housing benefits annually, managing approximately 16,000 loans, receiving around 62,000 calls in their call centres and paying out DKK 14 billion annually.

This significant workload was managed using an obsolete solution, costing the organisation millions in DKK every year. Together with ATP and Udbetaling Danmark, Netcompany developed a scalable, flexible platform that supports on-time, safe and correct payments of all housing benefits in Denmark. Based on our platform AMPLIO, the new solution also enables more efficient workflow procedures for case workers and is far more cost-effective.​​


  • End-to-end modernised Danish core welfare system, delivered within deadline and scope
  • Individual counselling and faster, cheaper casework
  • Efficient casework and access to case files via structured and consolidated data sources
  • Flexible rules and a process engine which enables fast adaptation to new legislation changes​

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