»Asking questions is key to learning new things«

Vebjørn Berg started working at Netcompany following his Master’s degree in Computer Science from NTNU in 2018. Now a manager in Netcompany, he leads a team of 40 consultants who work on improving and developing Oslo Kommune’s digital services to the benefit of all Oslo citizens.

Knowledge-sharing as a natural way of working

One of the things that Vebjørn Berg appreciates about working in Netcompany is that he works with highly skilled colleagues in terms of technical, domain and managerial knowledge. Furthermore, Vebjørn appreciates the ability to set the best teams for the task: “At Netcompany, there’s always someone who are willing to help you. It makes me feel at home knowing that that I’m surrounded by motivated and skilled people who find it natural to share their own knowledge with their peers.”

Setting goals and working closely with the customer

Vebjørn thrives working closely together with colleagues and customers who aim high: “We perform best when we have clearly defined goals that we set in close cooperation with the customer. The customer makes us better by setting the bar high.”
Setting the bar high is not uncommon for Vebjørn, and he appreciates being surrounded by people who put great effort and enthusiasm into their work – every day. From Monday to Friday, Vebjørn and his colleagues work closely together to find the best solution for the customer. In the weekends on the other hand, Vebjørn does not always play to win, and he can easily enjoy a match of football with his friends regardless of the end score. “I like how everyone lifts each other up in our team. We give each other a lot of opportunities to learn individually and grow as a team, and the feeling of making a joint commitment is really strong.”

Always curious

When it comes to problem-solving, Vebjørn puts great value in learning from his peers. “Ever since I started working at Netcompany, I have been privileged in always getting valuable answers on all the questions I have asked my colleagues. I still think that asking questions is key to learning new things no matter where you are in your career, and I try to encourage my team members to do the same.” Being curious and wanting to learn more about his profession has characterised Vebjørn’s way of working ever since his NTNU days. While writing his Master’s thesis, he managed to get two scientific articles published scientific journals and presented his findings together with his university professors at an international IT conference abroad. He got his third and fourth articles published after he started working as a consultant at Netcompany, and it turns out that the experience he gained with writing has proven valuable when communicating with customers and working on analyses and assessments. “I really like to write, and I have learned a lot from researching and writing these articles. At the end of the day, what I value the most is being able to continue to learn in all aspects of my professional life,” Vebjørn concludes.