Transforming Norwegian Aviation


Transforming Norwegian Aviation

Combining domain-specific and cross-industry knowledge in the Norwegian airport industry. 

»At Avinor, we firmly believe that cross-industry knowledge promotes innovation and helps identify best practices and avoid pitfalls«

Abraham Foss, CEO of Avinor.


Once simple transport hubs, modern airports are complex centers of cross-industry collaboration and innovation. 

From utilizing and discovering new technologies, enhancing operational efficiency and safety, to improving passenger satisfaction and addressing environmental concerns, airport solutions must respect the delicacies of each sub-industry as well as their interlocking dynamics.

Concerted efforts are required to consistently combine cross-industry knowledge and domain expertise when developing airport solutions. 


In 2023, Avinor, the steward of 43 Norwegian airports and their airspace, engaged in a multi-year collaboration with Netcompany to tackle this challenge.

Netcompany has a proven ability to drive innovation in the airport industry and a rich experience across sub-sectors such as financial services, retail, logistics, and the public sector, ideal for Avinor.

The partnership will, amongst other things, drive the implementation of AI-driven solutions, enhancing data management, and optimising operational processes for passengers, baggage, and aircraft control. This holistic approach, tailored to the specificities of the aviation industry, is expected to deliver transformative results over the next several years.

Physical presence

The physical presence of Netcompany’s team at Avinor’s sites in Norway ensures the seamless integration of these solutions and the hands-on nature of the collaboration.  

Continous innovation

The integration of modern, data, and AI-driven solutions is anticipated to bring forth substantial improvements to the Norwegian airport industry. This includes enhanced environmental standards, elevated passenger experiences, and streamlined airline operations. 

Large scale solution

The collaboration will impact a network 43 airports and the airspace over Norway. Netcompany’s extensive array of reusable components and platforms can be swiftly and effectively deployed within the intricate ecosystem of airports and airspace management.

Strong domain knowledge

Besides strong cross-industry knowledge, Netcompany has built strong domain knowledge as well, operatibng the digital infrastructure in Copenhagen Airport with the PULSE-based AIRHART platform.

»Our strategic partnership with Avinor underscores our dedication to digitalising and establishing state-of-the-art, data, and AI-driven airports, combining cross-industry- and airport expertise. Avinor is one of the world’s most diverse and interesting operators, and together we have great ambitions to further modernise the entire sector«

Mehdi Motaghiani, partner at Netcompany.  

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