Future-proofing supply chains with PULSE


Future-proofing supply chains with PULSE

Netcompany’s real-time data platform PULSE levels up Roche’s order management and execution. As an operation tower for the supply chain, it seamlessly merges data-driven insights with end-to-end visibility, fostering collaboration among stakeholders while reducing system complexities and managing disruptions. 


When the Swiss businessman Fritz Hoffmann-LaRoche founded Roche in 1896, the goal was to sell vitamins and cough syrup to his countrymen. The company is still headquartered in Switzerland, but today Roche is a multinational pharmaceutical company employing more than 100.000 people and serving many more customers worldwide.  

Patients in countries all over the world depend on Roche’s medicine, Roche being eg. the world’s largest provider of cancer treatments. Strengthening order management and execution capabilities is therefore essential for Roche’s supply chain, as it directly influences the timely and seamless delivery of medicines to patients. 

Benefits with PULSE

Enhanced resilience

Real-time visibility mitigates disruptions, ensuring a consistent supply chain flow. 

Informed decision-making

Advanced analytics provide valuable insights for strategic decisions on inventory and demand, fostering agility. 

Operational efficiency

Streamlined processes reduce complexities, saving time and cutting costs for a leaner supply chain operation.

Improved collaboration

The operation tower facilitates seamless communication and collaboration processes, while reducing errors and improving order management and execution.


Using PULSE as an accelerator, Netcompany built an Advanced Event Management platform for Roche that went live on Oct-2023. The platform allows Roche to track all links and changes to orders in real-time: an operation tower for the entire order life cycle. 

»The new operation tower makes it possible for Roche to react quickly to changes to an order and provide a holistic overview, enabling relevant stakeholders to collaborate more efficiently, optimise order execution processes, and reduce supply chain complexity«, Mehdi Motaghiani says. 

Apprentices at work at a German Roche facility. Image credit: Roche.


The new supply-chain operation tower makes it easier for Roche to fulfil orders, respond more promptly to disruptions, and quickly process orders.  

»Our digital solution acts as a catalyst for Roche, offering not just operational efficiency but a paradigm shift in supply chain dynamics. It transforms data into actionable insights and empowers strategic decision-makers to navigate the complexities of the pharmaceutical industry with foresight. By fostering collaboration and optimising processes, the platform becomes a linchpin in achieving a resilient, adaptive, and future-ready supply chain strategy – an indispensable asset for staying ahead in an ever-evolving market landscape«, Mehdi Motaghiani says. 

»Our digital solution acts as a catalyst for Roche, offering not just operational efficiency but a paradigm shift in supply chain dynamics«

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