Putting people first

Agata Piaskowska is a true technology enthusiast and a people person. Since she joined Netcompany in April 2020, she’s been on a mission to get to know as many people as possible across the organisation. She’s always the first to volunteer to take care of newcomers and to provide support to those who need it.

»I’m fuelled by the power of teamwork«

For Agata, one of the most important things in her day-to-day is to get to know the people she works with. Currently, she’s on a project with over 200 specialists who are spread across various countries, making it a challenge to get to know everyone. But Agata always does her best to connect with as many as possible.

“Whenever I get the chance, I introduce people to each other. This way we are more connected. And I’m fuelled by the power of teamwork.”

Connections from around the globe

Agata explains how working in international teams helps to broaden her horizons and gain new knowledge from IT experts from around the world. “I work closely together with colleagues from Poland, Denmark and Vietnam. Occasionally I even get to work with experts from Ireland, Spain, and Canada. I like talking to people from across the globe and getting to know different cultures. I also appreciate the small talk before the meetings. I’m always up to date with what the weather is like in different countries,” Agata says with a smile.

For Agata starting at Netcompany meant getting a new network of colleagues, all willing to help her whenever needed. She knows she can always count on support and guidance from her colleagues, even if they are working on other projects.

“I felt the support from the very start. I was assigned a buddy, which was a huge help in terms of advice and ensuring that I developed in the right direction. So, now I’m trying to do the same for other newcomers.”

»I’m always up to date with what the weather is like in different countries« Agata says with a smile.

The importance of being curious

Agata mainly works with Guidewire – a technology commonly used within the insurance industry. Being challenged every day motivates her because it allows her to continuously develop and grow her competencies.

“You need to be open and curious because it’s not always obvious how Guidewire works. I believe there are two ways of dealing with situations. In the first one, you say: “I think it works like that” and you end it there, you don’t go into the topic. But there is a second approach, where you dig deeper, continue to test, and investigate further. I believe it’s important to choose the second approach. Otherwise, you only get to see the tip of the iceberg.”

Free time is my creative time

Agata’s passion for trying new things is also evident in her spare time. “I think I can say that my hobby is trying new things. I really like arts and manual crafts. I’ve had a phase when I was knitting, sewing, and even doing embroidery work. But now I am all about sculpting. I’ve just started, so for now I primarily work on smaller sculptures, but I’ll get to the bigger ones soon. I think this is what development is all about – not being afraid of doing new things, even if they seem difficult.”