Addressing the needs of modern revenue authorities

Netcompany-Intrasoft is a world leader in the provision of Public Sector Tax and Revenue Management solutions.

Over 30 years’ experience and more than 50 Revenue Authorities as customers around the world.

Public Sector Tax and Revenue Management solutions

In 2023, our completely re-architected Integrated Revenue Management Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) solution will be released. The strategic decision to rebuild was taken to benefit from the numerous advances made in web and cloud technologies and development frameworks and methodologies. Netcompany Tax distills our extensive revenue management and systems development experience into a new modular microservices-based product.

Netcompany Tax is built for purpose, i.e., to address the specific needs of modern revenue authorities and is delivered to customers with pre-built project accelerators and a comprehensive API Gateway for secure and standardized integration with external systems.

Some examples of accelerators include VAT registration and declaration forms, rules, processes, and APIs for national and EU one-stop shop, SEPA and SWIFT payment handling, VAT overpayment and refund processes, and dispute management cases.

NC TAX is designed to ease configuration and to ensure, as far as possible, that customers can easily maintain and extend the solution themselves to respond to changes.
This is achieved through tightly integrated configuration management tools to build, modify, and deploy forms, business process and rules, and other business entities, such as Party Types, Revenue Types, Financial Transactions, Revenue Calendars, and many more.

Netcompany Tax Integrated Revenue Management Solution

Netcompany Tax is a scalable and configurable solution that addresses the complete needs of a modern revenue authority. The key differentiators of Netcompany Tax are the extensive scope of tax and collections business functionality, the ease and range of configuration control, and the microservices-based architecture that enables reliable integration, deployment of functionality, scalability, and performance.

Netcompany Tax is specifically designed and built to help revenue authorities close the tax gap by maximizing compliance and reducing fraud by providing features and functions aimed at improving service levels, promoting operational efficiency, and gaining insights.

Netcompany Tax comprises the following integrated suite of applications:

The Revenue Management component provides one of the industry’s most robust and flexible tax processing capabilities, able to support high volume and high availability processing needs. This specialized, highly configurable solution offers flexible support for all core taxation requirements and a single taxpaye view.

Core operations are complemented by the fully integrated Self-Service portal which provides an extensive range of taxpayer and tax agent services. This includes processing of taxpayer registration forms, filing of tax returns, viewing account details, making payments, and making applications for clearance certificates etc.

The Compliance component provides complete, integrated coverage of the risk management, compliance, and enforcement domain.

The Analytics component allows agencies to gather data and monitor their performance using descriptive analytics. Advanced Analytics capabilities provide predictive and prescriptive models which can be invoked during risk analysis.


Netcompany Tax offers end-to-end support for tax business processes including registration, returns, assessments, refunds, payments, audit, collection, enforcement, cases, reporting, and taxpayer and revenue accounting.

Business processes are embedded with risk analysis, automated workflows, task management, and taxpayer notifications and are supported across multiple channels.
All these features and functions are provided through a uniform and responsive user interface with a consistent and logical user experience on all devices. The solution tracks all user actions across all functions and features.

Single Taxpayer View

The single taxpayer view summarises all the information related to a taxpayer in a single flexible dashboard. Taxpayer information such as profile, status, risk rating, financial and account balances and any open compliance cases are displayed.

All taxpayer obligations and submissions are also displayed. The single taxpayer view alerts revenue officials of all open items related to the taxpayer as well as any tasks that require the revenue official’s intervention.

Registration and Taxpayer Services

Flexible data model to register profiles for all individuals and companies with which the Revenue Authority has a relationship.

Accounts are recorded whenever there is a financial relationship, and these are associated with obligations when there is a requirement to file or to pay.

Filing, Billing, and Assessments

High-performance return processing capabilities allow to validate high volumes of tax returns and assess liabilities of taxpayers.

Recurring billing features provide support for asset-based revenue streams.

Payments and Refunds

Highly-automated capabilities enable Revenue Authorities to efficiently and effectively allocate payments from multiple payment sources using flexible payment distribution rules, and handle refunds, carry forwards, and offsets for excess credits.


The configurable account monitor checks taxpayer payment obligations and recommends the most suitable collection and enforcement measures. A wide range of debt recovery measures are included in the solution.


Pre-defined cases can be modified to handle objections and appeals.
Dispute cases can be triggered manually or automatically with rules to validate timeliness of the objection or appeal, manage hearings, record decisions, and notify stakeholders.

Risk Analysis and Selection

Powerful risk analysis capabilities to determine the potential non-compliance risk represented by the taxpayer.
Selection of candidates for audit is done automatically based on configurable thresholds, or manually enabling users to factor additional elements into the actual selection.


Our specialized business-specific functionality is complemented by proven, applications and technologies to provide a complete solution. As such Netcompany Tax provides a tightly integrated set of best-of-breed business functionality, while being loosely coupled at the technology level.

Netcompany Tax is developed using a microservices architecture. The application is developed as a collection of small autonomous services built specifically for the tax and revenue collection business domain. This architectural style facilitates ease of deployment of new or modified functionality, best practice integration, and scalable performance.

Netcompany Tax offers a multitude of services that encapsulate logic that any revenue authority will commonly benefit from. These services are used in combination with the different application modules, such as the business rules engine, workflow engine, validation engine and the batch processing mechanism.

Revenue authorities implement their own specific processes and rules in each of these modules and use the out of the box offered web services to complement and apply the specific processes and rules.

The solution supports Representational State Transfer (REST) for synchronous communication and Apache Kafka for asynchronous communication. Apache Kafka is a distributed messaging system that provides fast, highly scalable, and highly resilient messaging through a publish-subscribe pattern.

We look to form new synergies and enhance existing partnerships with renowned vendors to promote a complete, top-class solutions portfolio.

Implementation approach and services

Netcompany-Intrasoft has a proven capacity and successful track record in undertaking and delivering large, complex, mission critical projects and undertaking subsequent SLA-based commitments for warranty and maintenance. We are known for our ability to combine technical expertise with a thorough understanding of customers’ business needs to keep up with constant, and increasingly frequent, changes in policy.

Our philosophy is to empower revenue authorities with our Netcompany Tax solution, and the knowledge required to ensure that they are self-sufficient and therefore able to easily adapt to legislative and policy changes, minimizing the time-to-market for implementing these changes.

Our implementation projects are governed using standards-based methods that enable the entire Enterprise Information Technology lifecycle and is particularly appropriate for implementation of COTS application-based projects.

Our implementation approach is rapid, agile, broadly adaptive, and business-focused. It includes a comprehensive project management framework and materials to support enterprise-level IT strategy, architecture, and governance.

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