Bringing social security and pensions administration into a new era of digital governance.

PERSEUS is our purpose-built commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) platform for employers, insured persons, social security revenues, pensions, and benefits management operations. It facilitates process automation in complex social security environments.

The biggest challenges social security organisations face is achieving sustainability and longevity of the social security system for future generations and handling the complexity of rules and regulations derived from continuous restructuring of strategies, legislation changes, and processes reform. They need to adapt quickly and easily to these changes while providing direct customer engagement for employers and insured persons through advanced e-collaboration services. This also involves addressing the increasing need to dig into data to identify possible fraud and non-compliance.

PERSEUS addresses these challenges and needs with its over 23 years of domain experience in automating social security services and modernising multiple and large pension funds.

Automated. Customisable. Data-Driven.

Purpose-Built Functionality

PERSEUS, designed specifically for modern social security organizations, integrates complex operations like revenue collection, debt management, and pension automation. It ensures accurate, consistent data management and automates the entire pension and benefits lifecycle, adapting to diverse revenue types and legal requirements.

Configurability and Extensibility

Customized for varied business and legal demands, PERSEUS features a Business Rules Management System (BRMS) for easy adaptation to legislative changes and supports complex insurance and revenue type configurations. It also offers dynamic system extendibility for evolving organizational needs.

Process Management Excellence

Through its embedded Business Process Management (BPM) engine, PERSEUS automates and standardizes processes across all system components. This standardization enhances agility, real-time monitoring, and performance management, leading to operational excellence.

Enhanced Compliance and Fraud Prevention

PERSEUS promotes compliance by facilitating easy access for users and employing automated risk-based processes for fraud detection. It supports comprehensive compliance features, including audits, inspections, and legal case monitoring, and offers extensive data analytics capabilities.

Improved Customer Experience and e-Collaboration

The platform enhances customer engagement with multilingual, multicurrency support, and a rich set of e-collaboration services. PERSEUS improves remote interactions, transparency, and accountability, and provides a comprehensive customer transaction dashboard for a 360-degree customer view.

Seamless Interoperability

PERSEUS ensures easy integration with third-party systems through synchronous and asynchronous communication, backed by an open API architecture. It supports a range of pre-built APIs and facilitates data upload and download processes.

Modern Technology Stack

Leveraging the latest in open-source technology, PERSEUS offers a future-proof investment with its flexible tech stack, reducing vendor dependency. It features advancements in Web 2.0, JEE7, HTML5-based UX, and Kafka data streaming, and ensures responsive design and portability across various application servers and databases.

PERSEUS components

Revenues Management


PERSEUS offers comprehensive support for actors’ registration, revenue collections, and debt management through sophisticated end-to-end functionality. It includes a Registries component for managing the registration of various roles like employers, insured members, and others, with configurable characteristics and behaviors. The Revenues Management component is dedicated to the full parameterization of revenue collection processes, handling contributions, billing, invoicing, and various payment methods. Additionally, the Employment Management component manages employment declarations and changes, supporting the initiation and modification of employment details.

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