Andrea Dóra Veigl originally dreamt of a life of drawing boards, buildings, and design.
But fate had different plans.

When Andrea was offered an exchange stay during her architecture studies, she chose to uproot herself from her home country of Hungary and move to Denmark. A decision that turned out to be the starting point of a new life—and a new career. A career in IT. Today, Andrea works as a manager at Netcompany, where she has been working on a project for the Agency for the Labour Market and Recruitment since March 2023, commonly referred to as Star City.

Since Andrea joined in May 2019, she has been on a significant development journey, exploring various branches of the business. The many opportunities and the fact that you can influence your career path are some aspects she particularly appreciates about working at Netcompany. Andrea never doubted that Netcompany was the perfect place for her.

»I clearly remember the day I signed the contract. It was on the International Women’s Day, March 8, 2019. It felt very symbolic, especially because I knew that with Netcompany, I had found the right place for me. A place where I feel valued, challenged, and where there’s room to grow.«

»We discuss how to best optimise databases on Sunday mornings over coffee. And then the kids are sitting there thinking... What's going on?«

Coffee talks about database optimisation

Andrea lives in Hareskovby, just outside of Copenhagen, with her partner and their blended family of five children. Besides a shared passion for diving, which they enjoy together on their holidays, Andrea and her partner also share another thing — they both work in the IT industry.

»One of the first things I asked him when I met him was if he worked for a competing company. Luckily, he didn’t,« Andrea says, laughing.

»It’s important for me to be able to talk about my work at home. And we do! Among other things, we discuss how to best optimise databases on Sunday mornings over coffee. And then the kids are sitting there thinking… What’s going on?«


Throughout her time, Andrea has deeply embraced the Netcompany way – through the roles she has undertaken, the various projects she has been a part of, and her contribution to the internal training program, Netcompany Academy. Here, she has been involved in developing a seminar tailored for experienced managers. She highly values this opportunity as she considers knowledge-sharing as one of the cornerstones. She has benefitted tremendously from this throughout her time, as she has sought guidance and advice from her mentor, project managers and colleagues from across the company.

»I’ve never been afraid to be vocal about where I want to go with my development, which has proven very valuable. Because it also means that I’ve been able to receive the guidance I need to reach my goals.«

Likewise, supporting her team in their development is crucial for Andrea. And she continues to be impressed by her colleagues’ dedication and eagerness to learn.

»It’s amazing to see how quickly people absorb knowledge and advice and become superstars. They truly excel at what they do! And I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to follow people and support them in their development.«