Pioneering the Future of Banking Technology

DX4B is our leading-edge digital banking solution, offering mobile banking, web banking, open banking, and digital wallets with a focus on interoperability and scalability.

DX4B represents a paradigm shift in the financial services industry. It’s built on a cloud-native and modular architecture, designed to cater to the dynamic demands of modern banking.

This innovative solution offers a comprehensive suite of services encompassing mobile banking, web banking, open banking, and digital wallets, all powered by the robust PROFITS® system. With DX4B, financial institutions gain the agility to craft their unique B2C and B2B financial services and products, addressing contemporary challenges while enjoying complete customisation.

DX4B’s strength lies in its modularity, supported by a robust cloud-native infrastructure that facilitates DevOps, Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD), containerisation, and microservices. This accelerates delivery, ensures dynamic scaling, and guarantees high availability without any downtime.

User experience is paramount, and DX4B excels in this aspect with its seamless mobile and web banking interfaces, which can be tailored to meet each institution’s preferences, providing distinctive and delightful customer experiences.

Furthermore, DX4B is built on a foundation of standardised Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN) APIs, fostering interoperability, and enabling seamless integration. It fuels an inclusive API economy, empowering the creation and extension of financial services.

In essence, DX4B embodies the digital banking era, emphasising modularity, cloud adoption, standardisation, and simplicity. By embracing DX4B, financial institutions not only reduce operational costs and enhance security but also gain the scalability required to thrive in the digital age.

Standardised. Component-based. Innovative.


Each module is based on BIAN standards. Each DX4B component takes care of one specific business process (e.g. deposits, loans) and is designed to be integrated with other internal components or external systems and applications. Containerisation ensures fast and easy portability between different platforms and higher speed in the delivery of enhancements.

Complete Banking Solution

DX4B offers both Core Banking (Deposits, Loans, Transactions) and Non-Core features (Customer Relationship Management, Payments) with a powerful orchestration layer for Digital Channels. It enables traditional and innovative banking offerings, fostering creativity and customer vision.

Specialisation in B2B payments & Corporate expense management

DX4B offers many innovative features in the facilitation of B2B payments. Mandates and FX special rates management are fully automated revolutionising the way corporate payments are made. Business cards issuance and management provide extensive control to businesses over their corporate expenses.

Intuitive User Experience

DX4B enables financial institutions to provide personalised and secure banking experiences. It includes White-label mobile and web digital channels easily customised for branded and intuitive UI/UXs. It comprises native iOS and Android mobile applications and is compatible with the most popular web browsers. Financial institutions can easily integrate DX4B with their own digital channels.

Cloud-based, State-of-the-art technology

DX4B’s Cloud-native Infrastructure enables hosting on any cloud platform, minimizing dependency on specific products or vendors and potentially reducing costs. Its containerised cluster- and microservices-based architecture allows dynamic scaling for increased volumes and peak activities. Built with advanced programming tools and techniques, DX4B supports real-time data streams, distributed data processing, scalability, intelligent caching, distributed search, and real-time analytics.

Highly Secure & Robust

Netcompany-Intrasoft’s Software applications are designed with security by design, under a robust framework of security principles, ensuring their Secure Software Lifestyle (SSDLC).

DX4B components

DX4B Core

At the core of DX4B, an extensive set of essential back-end banking features is powered by PROFITS®. From customer entity management to multicurrency deposit accounts and complex loan products, with all required sub-modules in place, such as the Foreign Exchange and General Ledger management, it can support the main operations and transactions of institutions of any size. With a wide range of configuration and localisation options, this complete and robust solution will provide the basis upon which financial institutions can build their products and offerings.

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