Diverse talent and inclusive culture

We actively encourage qualified candidates of any backgrounds and social identity and with a broad array of experiences to apply for a career with us

Diverse talent and inclusive hiring practices

Our recruitment process is designed to offer all candidates an equal chance to apply for and obtain any position at any level as their professional qualifications allow. We achieve this by providing a standardised process for all candidates, ensuring that they are evaluated consistently and unbiasedly, with the candidate’s professional competencies being the determinant in the selection process.

We continuously work with any potential barriers that may prevent underrepresented minorities from applying or being appointed to a position. This relates to all steps of the employment procedure, including headhunting, job descriptions, job advertisements, screening of applicants, job interviews, assessment of candidates and feedback. We do this by gathering feedback and continuously reevaluating our hiring process.

Equal opportunities for growth and well-being

Netcompany offers an attractive working environment which promotes equal career opportunities and advancement processes for all employees regardless of backgrounds and social identity. Through our global internal career development program, Netcompany Academy, we make sure that all employees are treated equally and are offered similar opportunities across locations and businesses areas. Our career paths create broad opportunities for employees to choose a career that accommodates personal goals and interests.

We have transparent and fair promotion processes, and we are constantly developing our performance process and ensuring that our employees are assessed in a fair and consistent way. We measure all our development and performance processes on a continuous basis and measure perception of training through surveys, impact of training, promotion ratios etc. It is experience and qualification that determines the salary level, and equal pay is given for equal work. We ensure that this remains true through continuous monitoring and follow-up.

A healthy and inclusive work environment

Through our culture, values, and policies, we actively work to ensure that all employees, regardless of background, are met with empathy, respect, and equal opportunities for growth and well-being. As an international company with employees across several countries, our dedication to inclusion and equal opportunities for career growth and personal well-being also covers our international collaboration and teams.

We want to ensure an inclusive culture where all our employees feel welcome and supported as individuals and in their career aspirations. Teams of complementary strengths and different backgrounds are of great value. A work environment where employees can contribute fully and express perspectives is fair and the best foundation for creating value for our customers and the societies in which we operate.

We listen to employees’ input and engage in dialogues through local Employee Resource Groups, local work councils and other employee-driven initiatives.

All our leaders and employees play a key role in ensuring a safe environment that inspires teamwork toward fulfilling shared goals and a work environment where we care for each other’s well-being and pay attention to the inclusion of all. This requires that team members respect and value each other’s opinions and consider the ideas and suggestions others offer. By embracing a collaborative approach and genuinely engaging with one another as colleagues, we collectively foster an inclusive culture that benefits everyone involved.