IT people leading IT people

IT people leading IT people

By establishing a direction, providing inspiration, and motivating others, we as an organisation seek to create an environment where everybody can genuinely maximise their full potential.

Here, IT people lead IT people. This is fundamental and unique to how we do business, as it gives you the optimal conditions for learning from peers and colleagues, developing your managerial skills and taking the next step in your career towards increased responsibility.


Long-term mentoring

All Netcompany employees are assigned a personal mentor, someone you can talk to about professional development and career goals. The mentor/mentee-relationship is long-term and provides a real-life visualisation of the career opportunities that lie ahead. With a mentor, continuous development is assured — even if you move teams, to different projects, and end up working with different project managers as a result.

Being a mentor at Netcompany is a lasting responsibility for as long as the employee is with the company. I assist them in their professional and personal growth through four or five annual meetings, where we discuss how things are going and how we create the framework for their ongoing development.
Thomas Koefoed


All mentors

are experienced employees who have been in the same position as you, and from the day you become a manager, you yourself will be a mentor for a less experienced colleague. In addition to your regular mentor discussions, you can always contact your mentor to talk about work.