IT people leading IT people

IT people leading IT people

At Netcompany, IT people lead IT people. This means you can discuss technical challenges and solutions with your project manager and get frequent, relevant and detailed feedback on how to improve. This approach is unique to Netcompany and means you will have the optimal conditions for continuous development.

We promise a combination of career development, challenging day-to-day hands-on experience and dedicated support from highly-skilled IT professionals. Together, this ensures that your energy is spent on learning and improving on the specific skills you need in order to succeed and progress in your career.

Long-term mentoring

Every Netcompany employee is assigned a personal mentor — someone you can talk to about your development plan and career goals. The mentor/mentee-relationship is long-term and provides a real-life visualisation of the career opportunities that lie ahead. With a mentor, continuous professional development is assured — even if you move teams, move to different projects, or end up working with different project managers.

"Being a mentor in Netcompany is a lasting responsibility throughout the time the employee is in the company. I help them with their professional and personal development through four or five annual meetings, where we talk about how things are going and how we create the framework for them to continue to develop."
Thomas Koefoed


All mentors

are experienced employees who have been in the same position as you. They are also mentees themselves, so they know what it takes to be a good mentor! You can reach out and talk to your mentor during regularly-scheduled mentor meetings, but also outside of organised interview times — whenever you need them. The mentor helps you settle in and is also someone you can reach out to if have questions or just in the need for some guidance.